Virtual Gift Cards – Huge Opportunities For Magento Merchants

Virtual Gift Cards – Huge Opportunities For Magento Merchants

The outbreak of mobile device users shapes a new trend in shopping behaviors.

Magento 2 Virtual Gift Cards

The gift card industry has developed dramatically in recent years at an impressive level since the benefits that a gift card brings to people are undeniable. We all know that purchasing a gift certificate is the fastest and the most convenient way to give someone a present on their birthday or any occasion. It offers recipients chances to choose what they truly desire for. That’s the reason why the global gift voucher industry is estimated to double the present value of gift card market of more than US$ 307 billion to more than US$ 690 billion in 2024 (Persistence Market Research, 2017). Recent years also experienced a switch in how customers buy goods. Thanks to the development of advanced technology people are enabled to access to a large numbers of goods online. Consumers gradually have a tendency to shop online instead of to to the bricks and mortals. E-gift certificate market; consequently, is promising for online stores. A report by Persistence Market Research 2017) anticipated that the global revenues from digital gift voucher purchased will make a progress of 20% whereas, gross sales from gift cards industry in general will increase by 10% on a yearly basis from 2014 to 1024. Needless to say, Top gift card extension we provide is a wise investment for Magento merchants.

Because of its customizable features, digital gift certificates are becoming more and more favorable

digital gift certificates are becoming more and more favorable

Gift card extension for Magento 2 has several outstanding advantages that a sure to make all customers happy. Firstly, store’s administrators can help consumers create their own cards at any price with a great deal of sophisticated templates. This gift card extension also supports buyers to upload their own images to perfect their gift cards at their greatest satisfaction. Secondly, even though e-gift cards care more preferable, physical gift cards are also available if requested by consumers. Because customers love the feeling of have the right to choose, various offered options will force them to purchase more with comfort. Last but not least, an e-gift voucher can be easily sent to anyone via email addresses and mobile phone with messages attached. Therefore, when purchasers want to present their friends, they can have Magento merchants to send their gift with wishes directly to their friends email addresses on the exact date requested. In short, Magento 2 gift card extension(Dowload here: ) is born to customize every consumer’s need.

There are some marketing strategies that can help online stores more appealing consumers

marketing strategies that can help online stores more appealing consumers

Megento stores can make the best of digital gift certificates by applying some marketing strategies such as loyalty and rewards programs for members who already bought a card. According to a survey in 2015 (Susanne), among those asked, more than 60 percent accepted that loyalty and rewards points offered are the reason for them to decide to purchase two gift cards in the previous year. Additionally, approximately 75% of respondents decided to make a purchase at a store because of offered incentive even though they had no intention at first. Especially, incentive also forced around 40% buyers to spend more than they planned to shop. In summary, because of such great benefits listed above, e-gift card industry is a potential market for Megento. The technological development is significantly improved every hour and every minute; therefore, an investment on supporting mobile shopping to is never a waste of money. Why don’t you let gift card extension to have you attract more consumers?