Frequently asked questions

How is Gift Card supported for offline payment?

Your customers can use gift card as payment method for online and offline order. With the offline order, only need to give gift code or print it out as normal gift voucher. It is so convenient, right?

How to change Gift Card layout?

Gift Card layout will be chosen instantly on the frontend by CMS Static Block, so you will see the change easily and quickly. responsive-img

How many gift card codes can I apply for my order?

There is no limit for that. Your customers are allowed to add multiple codes as they have. In addition, the remove is so easy to implement.

What should I do if my gift code is stolen?

Don’t worry about that! The gift code is secured tightly by replacing the part of code by X symbol.

Is it compatible with One Step Checkout extension?

It is fully compatible with Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension

Can I offer an expiration for any gift card?

Of course, let set that in Magento Admin

How many gift codes can I generate at the same time?

The minimum number of gift codes you can generate at once is 10 and the maximum is unlimited, Therefore please feel free to issue gift card codes in bulk.