7+ Must Have Features For An Awesome Magento Checkout Page

An e-commerce business, big or small, senior or startup, definitely needs to continuously update the website to bring the most comfortable extension to shoppers. Recently, the development of Magento community, especially the release of Magento 2, has marked another amazing update for e-commerce stores. The flourishing of Magento 2 leads to the creation of various extensions to boost e-commerce business. An obvious proof for the speedy growth of Magento 2 extensions you can see is that the appearance of Magento 2 One Step Checkout in most of Magento 2 websites.

In fact, Not only a Magento website that has plenty of features and extensions to choose. Other platform based websites also have key features that can generate awesome store sites for your visitors. And here is the 7 must have features every e-commerce site should have to build the most amazing store site ever.

To design an impressive logo to shoppers, first, make sure the logo is unique and relates to your brand. A unique logo is a sign for shoppers to recognize your brand.

Next, the logo should be simple and easy to remember as to make your visitors can memorize your store at the first sight.

Finally, ensure the logo is displayed on the top of every page of your website. The logo will help your store appear to be more professional and more reliable.

What happens if you are suffering on an online store and want to search for one product but the website loading is too slow and inconvenient? The chance that the process on the website is canceled is very high. Hence, you should prepare an effective searching tool on your website as soon as possible.

For a practical example, you can look at the Magento 2 Search extension from Mageplaza which support Ajax search to give shoppers instant results in the drop-down list. The shoppers will be able to see the product name, price and short description to choose the one they one.

magento 2 Instant Search

Review and Rate

Allowing your shoppers to write and see reviews and rating on your store site not only help provide social proof to enhance shopper’s trust but also make your website more active to visitors. Review and rating are the best way to strengthen shopper’s belief on your store as these reviews are posted by the previous customers of your store. Promotion Notification The world changes every day and so is your website appearance. A single style interface can be boring to shoppers especially it is holidays and your site still stay the same. Moreover, products and marketing plans change as well. Therefore, to boost your sales, Let’s create promotion and event notification to notify your shoppers with attractive deals on your store. Download review reminder for Magento2: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-review-reminder/

Social Login

Since the social network has developed quickly nowadays, it seems to become a necessary part of modern life. According to the research of WeAreSocial website in January 2016, active social media users take 31% over total world population. Thus, e-commerce stores should not ignore the benefit of the 31% resident of the world. To bring the connection from your website to the social channel, first, social login helps social media users sign in with their social account. The registration will be much faster than before as shoppers information will be synced through their social profile.

magento 2 Social Login extension

One Step Checkout

Remember to never bother your shopper with the long and puzzle checkout process. In a recent study of Statista, it is claimed that 27% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past quarter solely due to a “too long / complicated checkout process”. Hence, the checkout process should be clear, easy to be followed with less than 3 steps.

Below is an excellent checkout page which created when integrating Mageplaza’s One Step Checkout extension https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-one-step-checkout-extension/.

magento 2 one step checkout

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program is created to keep your customers returning to your store after purchasing. The most loyalty program platform nowadays is reward points. Basically, store owners will reward shoppers with points for each order completed and the points will be used to discount the next orders. And Magento 2 Reward Points is the best of provider reward points extension for Magento 2.

Gift Cards

Giving gift cards is becoming a tendency so that people show their respect to the loved one. With the received present via email or post office, the recipients will use the gift card codes for paying both online and offline orders. Use Gift Card extension for Magento store to gratify your customers