5 Crucial Features In Magento 2 Store Locator

5 crucial features in the best Magento 2 Store Locator

Today, I will point out five crucial features in the best Magento 2 Store Locator Extension and then you can get the best choice.

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    With the amazing increasing of the interest as well as the busier life, people seem to be attracted by the online activities such as reading, talking and even shopping. The shopping via the internet or shopping online brings more and more benefits to the buyer. However, to the physical items, it is not enough to satisfy all kinds of customers when a part of them want to get some direct feelings about your products. So, how to find your stores if you also build up online and offline stores. Magento 2 Store Locator extension is recommended to consider now. The extension will take the responsibility of leading your customers to the most suitable store that belongs your store's chain.

    You can find many advanced tools outside, but you need to focus on five essential features below to get the best results.

    Google Map integration

    [Integrating Google Map](https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-one-step-checkout-extension/google-address-suggestion.html) is the first requirement you must find a store locator module. With the available data from Google Map, the customers can confirm relatively where you are. Each store will be marked by a signal that is called as a store icon you can upload with the personal image in the module settings. Additionally, a pop-up window of some information as store name, store address, and website will instantly appear as soon as clicking on the icon.

    Google Map integration

    Show full of store information

    The more information comes to your customers, the more reliance is made out. Thus, showing full of store information is never forgotten. By using Magento 2 Store Locator, not only the clients are allowed to select a choice in the store list you need, but they also hold as many as possible to prepare for the amazing experience online shopping. The details, being ready to refer, include both some basic ones and especially show working time per day, holiday time and maybe social review.

    Show full of store information

    Call for Direction

    Store Finder Magento 2 module brings to you an extremely special functionality so as to make the users happiest. If you can create a point of your stores on Google Map, you can also direct them how to get there in the shortest and fastest way. “Get Direction” button is designed with such feature. Now only need to choose the need store and then call for the direction, immediately, the clear instructions from their place to that store will be reported.

    Call for direction

    Impressive Layout

    Not always your clients can stand front of the computer to access your website as well as complete all orders. Moreover, because the high technology is popular accompanying to the appearance of the touch device, that allows them to go shopping on the internet whenever they want. And this also means your site and every extension setup on yours have to be compatible with all device. It is so lucky for you when Magento 2 Store Locator is fittable with every screen size so that your customers use to find you all time in the every position.

    Instant Update Store

    Searching by area (country, city, state/province) and searching by radius are two ways Store Locator supports for every Magento 2 store. The user can change the address or modify the distance to search without redirecting to another page. On other words, depending on their customization, the suitable stores will be updated instantly in the best matched way.

    Instant update store

    Five above options are five necessary features you need to focus. Therefore, please observe all of that to have a true selection.Thanks for your watching!