Most useful Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

Add Gift Card items to your store never easily

Mageplaza 2 Gift Card Extension is the fantastic present customers possibly give to friends via either email or post office on exact date and time, even buy for themselves and enjoy its awesome functionality. For more previous this item, the gift card is approved as a smart payment method during the checkout process. It’s a great tool to increase customer satisfaction, right? Now, let bring it to your store so that your customers have a chance to experience these miracles Gift Card extension.

Features of Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

Giving gift cards is becoming a tendency so that people show their respect to the loved one. With the received present via email or post office, the recipients will use the gift card codes for paying both online and offline orders.

Unlimited gift card codes with different values

Magento 2 Gift Card

By installing Magento 2 Gift Cards extension, store owners are allowed to create a gift card which has different values with unlimited gift codes as you wish while the real value can be higher or equal to the given number you set in the store. The price will be shown as a range number or the buyer will choose one from the dropdown box. Depend on your marketing strategy to price the gift card products effectively.

Add Gift codes in bulk

Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

There is a special thing from the extension, you can generate the gift codes in bulk. This is the unlimited quality of the gift codes at once without any error instead of issuing one by one.

Gift Card's usage conditions

Magento 2 Gift Card Voucher

The usage contains conditions about shopping cart rule and catalog rule, all of which is required separately for the certain gift card. Only when meeting these conditions, customer is able to use the card for his aim as paying order. It’s so awesome!

Magento 2 Gift Voucher templates

Magento 2 Multiple Gift Card templates

With eye-catching images, customers have a great chance to select the most beautiful card and send it to their lovers. The Gift Card templates will be shown instantly by one-click.

Upload your own photo

Best Magento 2 Gift Card

Especially, it is more and more meaningful present when your customers can design an impressive card by hands easily. They will upload the cute photos they wish into the required section, then apply them for their gift card.

This is the amazing function enabling any person to create the gift by self.

Different Gift Card Layout

Magento 2 Gift Card

Beside the simple layout like Amazon Gift Card, there are other layouts in various ways by Gift Card for Magento 2 extension customers can use their cards as the following pictures.

Delivery time

Gift Card for Magento 2

With Delivery Time functionality, make customers more initiative in the giving-gift by self-setting exact date and time when the presents are delivered to their friends’ hands.

Leave Gift message

Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

Let the recipients feel happier with the gift card when the customers can write their love out to send via email even post office.

In addition, to make sure that the gift card is perfect before it is sent, the preview button is ready for that.

Gift Card Credit

Magento 2 Gift Card Credit

As the above introduction, the highlight feature from Gift Card is similar to the smart payment method customers will own. Those who get the gift cards from their friends only apply the voucher for products on your site while the management of balance is controlled clearly by Gift Card credit from their personal account.

In Gift Card Credit, the user will track the current account balance as well as all of the transactions they create related to the gift card. Moreover, they can redeem the used gift card but the function only approves for the incompleted order. Thanks to the Gift Card Credit, there is no risk of losing money. Separately for the orders applying many gift card codes, store admin takes responsive to set the priority whether the gift card or other values get refunded first and restrict the mess during the processing.

Import Export Gift Codes

Export Gift Card Code for Magento 2

Magento 2 Gift Cards Extension accept to import/ export into .CSV or .XML file without any difficulty in Admin Panel.

Email Notification

Email Notification

Right after sending the gift card, an email notification about the expiration is in the sender’s and recipient’s inbox. The email is sent automatically before the interval time you can set from Magento configuration.

Update about Gift Card for Magento 2

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